Building the charging strategy for your electric fleet

Scaling the charging infrastructure for your electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle fleets to meet your current and future needs. Steering your choices with a view to short and medium-term profitability and support for your activity. Optimising your installation through renewable energies and management services. We support you to build an energy roadmap aligned with your operational and environmental challenges.

We anticipate the charging patterns of your electric fleets


An infrastructure which adapts to changes in the habits of your teams or customers and in your operational circumstances


Bespoke supportintegrated with your business model

#Adapted to your constraints

The ability to implement large-scale, multi-site projects, on industrial sites or sites subject to specific regulatory constraints (establishments open to the public, etc.)


Solutions that form part of your overall energy transition project

Specifying your charging strategy in 3 steps

Define the objectives

Produce the roadmap and/or master plan


Apply the roadmap

Specifying your charging strategy in 3 steps


Define the objectives

  • Help you to understand trends in the electric vehicle market and their effects on your business
  • Understand your level of ambition and your objectives (partial or total electrification of your fleet?)
  • Assess the mobility habits of your targets and support you in specifying your current and future charging service needs
  • Define the scope (number and location of sites)
  • Specify the timeframe objective (short-term action or multi-year strategy)
  • Analyse forecast changes in the electric fleet
  • Monitor government, regulatory, technical and economic developments

Produce the roadmap and/or master plan

  • Help you prioritise the sites to be equipped and scale the charging point requirement in order to rationalise your investment
  • Support your decision-making about the level of service and the charging infrastructures to be deployed
  • Specify the best solution from the technical and energy point of view to meet the operational constraints for each planned type of use
  • Assess the potential for integrating renewable energies and the opportunities for energy management of the charging process
  • Propose the optimum budget and financing solutions

Apply the roadmap

  • Optimise the design of charging stations (location, routing, connection) using a digital installation tool developed by Elto and/or a site visit
  • As project manager: draft the specifications, consult and agree works contracts with the electricians and coordinate the works up to final hand-over and commissioning
  • As turnkey installer: carry out detailed electrical design and handle planning procedures, take charge of the installation and layout of the stations, right up to final hand-over and commissioning
  • Support your communication with your users
  • Take charge of the maintenance and operation of the charging service
  • Analyse traffic statistics to optimise the use of your installations
experts équipe stratégie

Our expert team works with you to develop your charging strategy

As experts in electric mobility for 10 years, we understand the habits, services and technologies associated with a fleet recharging strategy.

Our objective is to develop electric fleets in an optimised energy ecosystem. We therefore help you to identify the best solutions, which we select from among all the market players, because they will meet your challenges, now and in the future.

A key role in specifying our customers’ strategy positions:

construire des schémas directeurs

Creating the first guidelines

for pilot local authorities since 2011

accompagnement des entreprises et acteurs publics

Supporting more than
130 businesses and public

customers to build their charging infrastructure strategies

construire fiabilisation réseaux de stations

Operation to improve the reliability of 6 large-scale charging networks

with statistical analysis of 4,650 charging points and advice on the creation of a durable business model

construire équiper les stations

of our customers aim to equip all their sites with charging stations in less than 5 years 

construire énergies renouvelables

of customers are going even further by integrating renewable energies

Your questions answered


Devising an electric vehicle charging strategy raises all sorts of questions. Elto is here to bring you the answers.

How do you support changing regulatory and energy challenges?

Who is your infrastructure strategy support offer designed for?

Have you got a project?

We will answer your questions and support at every stage of your project.

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