We facilitate and accelerate the transition of businesses to sustainable mobility with bespoke, turnkey charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Our expertise is rooted in our origins

Elto is a European specialist in charging and, it has the backing of a partnership between Renault Group and local key players who have been pioneers and leaders in electric mobility for 10 years. Our core task is to facilitate the charging of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle fleets.

Our skills in the design and installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructures and energy optimisation and our knowledge of business vehicle practices are used to support our customers in their technical and financial decision-making.

40 experts to support our customers projects

Irina Khodossova Présidente Elexent France

Nicolas Schottey

CEO ELTO Holding

Irina Khodossova Présidente Elexent France

Irina Khodossova

Managing Director Elto France

Irina Khodossova Présidente Elexent France

Marc Dickens

Managing Director Elto UK

Irina Khodossova Présidente Elexent France

Mauricio Rios

Managing Director Elto Iberia

Irina Khodossova Présidente Elexent France

Roberto Romanini

Managing Director Elto Italy

Why choose us?

We have been expert in electric mobility for 10 years

Renault Group has been the European leader in electric vehicles for 10 years. Our local partners (Solstyce, Enersol, IBIL, GP Joule) have also been major players in the energy transition in France for 10 years. They have contributed to the development of photovoltaic energy and electric mobility

We understand the needs of businesses

Our teams are composed of specialists from Renault group and our partners. 10 years of experience, and 10 years as the benchmark for electric mobility for businesses.

So we understand the operational, budgetary and strategic challenges that companies face, and this understanding feeds into solutions that will support their development over time.

We create bespoke turnkey solutions

We analyse the current and future needs of our customers, then adapt our response in accordance with their circumstances and set objectives (rate of use of fleets, financial objectives, energy rationalisation, etc).

We handle all or part of each project to deliver turnkey solutions. We act as the single point of contact for our customers throughout the process.

We offer white label solutions

We put our expertise and long experience at the benefit of your strategy. Tailored to your needs or those of your customers, our solutions strengthen your service portfolio.

We support you at every step of your transition to sustainable mobility

Whatever your need and size of your business or local authority, we can manage all or part of your project.

We provide turnkey deployment for projects of all sizes: for companies or local authorities operating electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle fleets.

compétence conseil études stratégie veille


  • Market studies and consultancy missions
  • Master plans and fleet electrification studies
  • Energy optimisation strategy
  • Integration study for renewable energies
  • Government, regulatory, technical and economic monitoring
compétence conception ingénierie cadrage

Design / engineering

  • Analysis of the customer and user requirements
  • Technical feasibility analysis
  • Scaling assessment for charging infrastructures
  • Project framing
  • Integration of renewable energies
compétence mise en oeuvre déploiement installation


  • Turnkey deployment of charging infrastructures: planning research and procedures, supply of equipment, civil and electrical engineering works, testing and commissioning of installations
  • Project management missions for deployment of charging infrastructures
Compétence Services exploitation optimisation maintenance financement


  • Operation and supervision of the charging service
  • Optimisation of energy consumption
  • Technical maintenance of charging terminals
  • Financing service

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Our commitments to sustainable mobility

Optimisation recharge ombrière

Contribute to the energy transition

We offer solutions that speed up the development of electric mobility. We support our customers all the way to their own energy optimisation strategy and to the integration of renewable energies.

installation borne de recharge

Work in partnership with our customers

We build our customers’ operational objectives into solutions that form part of a durable economic model.

station parking de recharge

Provide a comprehensive range of expertise

As pioneers in electric mobility, we have full knowledge of the relevant regulatory, technical and economic challenges and can offer the most appropriate solutions to businesses.

Recharge flotte véhicules électriques

Offer open solutions

We assess the various existing solutions for each request, without bias and with a single objective: to deliver the best solution for the requirements, and one that’s compatible with every brand of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle.

entreprise à échelle humain experts

A human-scale business

For a simple and trustworthy relationship, each of our customers deals with a single dedicated contact person who is involved daily and at every stage of the project.

Our key figures

implantation station en france

11 European countries

in which we operate on a daily basis

solution borne de recharge

1 or more terminals

Elto offers optimised solutions whatever the scale of the project

points de charge

6,000 charging points

have been deployed with the support of our teams

Client entreprises

210 businesses

and public bodies have already put their trust in our experts

Mobilize Power Solutions is proud to be part of the Mobilize ecosystem, which gathers all the mobility and energy-related services of Renault Group.

Together, we are creating the mobility revolution the world needs.