Optimising your charging infrastructure

Upgrade your installation to adapt to the transformation of your fleet and the expectations of your employees, users or customers. Bring your charging station into compliance with regulatory requirements and your energy commitments. We help you to design a charging infrastructure that meets your requirements.

Fine-tune and deploy the right charging infrastructure


Audit your charging stations to ensure compliance and guarantee an optimum level of service for your users


Increase the traffic at your installations


A charging station supervision and operations service to make your business model viable


Use renewable energies and take the next step in your energy transition.

Optimising your charging infrastructure in 3 steps

Audit the existing charging infrastructures

Specify a charging station optimisation plan

Implement the action plan

Optimising your charging infrastructure in 3 steps


Audit the existing charging infrastructures

  • Analyse the requirement and support your decision-making (fleet and charging infrastructures)
  • On-site audit of existing installations: regulatory and standards compliance, operational testing, align technical characteristics to user needs, supervise and manage the charging service (optional)
  • Analyse traffic statistics and compare them with our benchmarks, classified by area and usage
  • Review the current situation

Specify a charging station optimisation plan

  • Propose actions to ensure compliance of the electrical installation and/or improve traffic to the charging service
  • Identify the needs for additional deployment of charging stations and provide the optimum design for the stations
  • Specify the best solution from the technical and energy point of view to meet the customer’s operational constraints
  • Propose the optimum budget and financing solutions

Implement the action plan

  • Schedule and carry out operations to bring the electrical installations into compliance (upgrades, retrofits, major renovation)
  • Take charge of the turnkey deployment of any additional charging terminals or any pre-outfitting
  • Take charge of the maintenance and operation of the charging service, including any equipment previously installed (subject to technical compatibility)
équipe experts optimisation et stratégie

Take better control of your charging infrastructures so you can be more competitive in the future

With our expertise in current and future vehicle habits and charging needs, we can offer solutions that adapt to changes in mobility.

We help you to define a strategy that supports your journey towards an eco-friendly model while supporting the development of your business. We support you at every stage of your project. Build for the future today.

Your optimisation project in figures

audit de bornes de recharge

40% of terminals audited

by our teams were found to be no longer compliant

optimiser la rentabilité

15% improvement

in service profitability on public terminals, audited by our teams

10 ans d'expérience en optimisation

10 years’ experience

in electric mobility and charging infrastructures

Your questions answered

Optimising your electric vehicle charging infrastructure raises all sorts of questions. Elexent is here to bring you the answers.

Why should I audit charging stations installed by a competent electrician just a few years ago?

What is the lifetime of charging terminals installed by Elto?

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